Legal Notices / Official Publications

Resolution 2020-14 - A resolution exempting the City of Moundridge, Kansas from the provisions of K.S.A. 12-1651, Et. Seq., providing substitute and additional provisions relating to the naming of an official City Newspaper. 

The City has designated the City website as the official City newspaper, as a substitute provision for requirements of K.S.A. 12-1651. As of 10-12-2020 Legal notices will be posted on the Moundridge City website. 

See related document: RESOLUTION 2020-14

Planning and Zoning Board Meeting to review Flood Plain Management Ordinance (Posted 1/20/2021)

Notice of Public Hearing on Changes to Flood Plain Management Ordinance (Notice posted on 1/14/2021)

Notice of Hearing on Neighborhood Revitalization Plan 2021-01 (Notice posted on 1/14/2021) 

Ordinance 997- Moundridge Mask Ordinance (Ordinance was extended to February 8, 2021)

Notice of Hearing on 2020 Budget Amendment-December 28, 2020 (Notice posted 12/16/2020)